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114 Transformers Prime Epilogue

Written by on August 16, 2019


Transformers Prime is wrapped up this episode when we discuss Transformers Prime Predacons Rising. We go over the plot. Talk about character arcs for Megatron and Optimus Prime, we touch on the thematic ideas of the film. And then go over the concept of losing the suspension of disbelief. We also talk about the nature of the Predacons and their animalistic inclinations. John also touches on his thoughts about Bumblebee’s story arc in the film.  before wrapping up with our final thoughts on this short film, and the series as a whole. 


“This is a goal no longer worth pursuing. it’s not fun anymore.” -John

meta plot

[After much searching Frank finally finds his key-chain. He then uses the newly discovered Space-Ball, and the Reality Ball to transport John and himself someplace… nefarious.]


Episode 114: Transformers Prime Epilogue
Produced by: Relevant to Our Interests
Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw 
Scripting by: Frank Shaw and John R. Belliston
Edited by: Frank Shaw 
Graphic Design by: Nathan Newell and Frank Shaw
Intro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw 
Outro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw

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