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97: The Umbrella Academy

Written by on April 5, 2019

Episode 97: Umbrella Academy
Produced by Relevant to Our Interests
Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw
Scripting by: Frank Shaw
Edited by: Frank Shaw
Graphic Design by: Nathan Newell and Frank Shaw
Intro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw
Outro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw

Frank and John are excited to talk about the original series on Netflix: The Umbrella Academy. Frank gives a very brief run down on the plot. Then they go over each of the major characters and the actors that play them, while John and he discuss performances, who their favorites are and the various powers that each have. Then guys then talk about how the characters interact with each other especially how Number Five views the rest of the group as being naive and idiotic while he goes about trying to prevent the impending Apocalypse.

They discuss how Hazel and Cha-Cha show one dynamic of every workplace: The jaded lifer versus the enthusiastic lifer. Then they go over the ending, including the other siblings treatment of Vanya after they discover her powers. After it’s onto themes, very briefly,  but there’s a lot going with this series, and the guys don’t even scratch the surface. Then Frank talks briefly about the comics and John talks fan theories about the next season. After all that, they give their final thoughts.

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