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Well, this is definitely a tad different than last week’s film… Brendan and Jason explore the world of Italy with a film about a grieving couple dealing with the supernatural (or maybe lack thereof?) and their own shortcomings as they try to move on with their lives. Yes, it’s Nicolas Roeg’s bizarre arthouse horror film Don’t […]

This week, it’s time for Nathan to let HIS nerd flag fly high! Nathan and Brendan recruit first-time guest Amanda the Jedi to help them dissect one of the more muddled and exhausting Stephen King adaptations with The Dark Tower. The gang discuss everything including Matthew McConaughey’s terrible wig, condensing so much material into 94 minutes, […]

The next fifth of the list begins with a quaint little character study/environmental film in Bill Forsyth’s charming opus Local Hero. Brendan and Jason open their hearts to this film’s tiny little Scotland locale and its vast array of charming characters, the fairy tale aspect to the story, Burt Lancaster’s super bizarre aversion therapy and much […]

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… This week, Nathan and Brendan draw movies out of a hat for this year’s Listeners Choice Month to take place in June with WEEKLY episodes! Listen in and enjoy the anxiety as your hosts let the internet book the show. Yikes! They also briefly discuss Avengers: Endgame (SPOILER ALERT) […]

 The first 20 movies are in the bag so Brendan and Jason are dishing out awards for their favourite performances, most uncomfortable scenes and so much more! The guys also provide their individual definitive ranking of the first 20 films covered thus far from Doctor Zhivago to Room at the Top. Plus: The guys roll the […]

 NERD RAGE! Nathan and Brendan welcome back Jason MacLeod on the program for a movie he personally hand-picked in 1999’s Wing Commander starring the hottest teen movie stars of the 90s… and Jurgen Prochnow. From Jason’s absolute rage at the innacuracy of the film adaptation of the video game to the weird religious aspects of […]

It’s time for yet another British tale about an Angry Young Man and class struggle as Laurence Harvey has trouble deciding between two lovely ladies in 1959’s Room at the Top. Brendan and Jason dive deep into this kitchen sink drama and discuss many things including questioning if the main character truly loves either woman, Simone […]

Rock out with your… anyway… This week, Nathan and Brendan talk about bad-to-questionable films that were massively overshadowed by their kick-ass soundtracks. From the bottom of the pit with Batman Forever to the also-terrible Fifty Shades of Grey and everything in between, the guys break down what makes these tunes the only gratifying part of these turd […]

 Jane Austen’s work makes it to the BFI Top 100 as Brendan and Jason discuss #62 – Sense and Sensibility. From the story behind Emma Thompson’s screenplay to Ang Lee’s direction style to how the whole thing got off the ground, the background is nearly as interesting as the film! Besides all of that though, […]

G’day mate! Nathan and Brendan continue a red-headed trend but this time travel to the land down under for the Yahoo Serious-directed/written/produced/starring project – Young Einstein. It’s the tale of Albert Einstein’s humble beginnings as a Tasmanian apple farmer and of course his love affair with Marie Curie, his super-horny mother, the time he invented rock […]