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 It’s all about sprawling, slice-of-life drama and dark comedy this week as Brendan and Jason explore Mike Leigh’s 90s hit Life is Sweet. Because of the vast array of colourful characters and family drama, there is much to explore in the film from dealing with the subject of bulimia, the subtle political commentary, Timothy Spall’s […]

Calendars are hard. This week, Nathan and Brendan discuss the “upcoming” Wrestlemania 35 and predict the matches and surprises. To be fair (“TO BE FAIRRRRR”), this was recorded the day of the show so feel free to marvel at their accuracy and laugh at all the ones they got horribly wrong. Nathan and Brendan also […]

This week, Brendan and Jason explore class struggle and forbidden love with 1971’s The Go-Between. This is the third Julie Christie film being covered but do the guys still love her after THIS role? Does witchcraft really work in this film? And is this podcast about to get side-swiped with another bleak British movie finale? Find […]

 Peak Carrot Top. Nathan, Brendan and returning guest (and EXTREME SPORTS EXPERT) Jerika discuss the film Norm MacDonald famously described as “box office poison.” Yes, folks it’s time to talk all about Chairman of the Board. From Carrot Top being a straight-up serial killer, the multitude of amazing character actors that are completely under-utilized, sex […]

This week, Brendan and Jason get back on track with the list as they discuss #52 – This Sporting Life. In this modern-day tragic tale, there is much to discuss like how to deal with one of the least likeable main characters in quite some time, the guys break down how this film fits into a […]

In a brief little bonus episode, Brendan and Jason travel back to when they were discussing Four Weddings and a Funeral to talk about the short-film sequel that premiered on March 15th for Red Nose Day. Most of your favourite characters are back, there are some surprises and some call-backs for fans of the original. Check […]

I… don’t even know how to describe this one but here goes: Back in October, a certain something became legal in Canada. Because of this, Brent came aboard to celebrate the occasion by talking about Evil Bong back in October. After that taping, Brent decided to stay on the line with Brendan and… well… they talk […]

Brendan and Jason took a break from the dice roll this week to discuss a film that has them flabbergasted… that it never made the BFI Top 100. The guys discuss Jeremiah S. Chechik’s masterpiece in 1998’s The Avengers. They discuss what Shakespearean anecdote from the film is their favourite, Uma Thurman’s rigorous studying with her […]

 This might be the most insane movie ever covered on this here program. Nathan, Brendan and returning guests Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned From Movies talk all about the cautionary tale 2019: After the Fall of New York. It’s a little bit of every post-apocalyptic movie you’ve ever seen and not a single […]

 It’s back to royalty as Brendan and Jason dissect 1994’s The Madness of King George and talk all about the way in which the film depicts the silliness of the upper class, the treatment of mental illness and its associating stigma, the quiet moments involved in Nigel Hawthorne’s tortured lead performance and much, much more. […]