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The boys are joined by Olivia, Podcast Community Manager, to talk about Disney, film reboots and the garage shower that’s apparently always been there… Also, Liv would like to move onto a game now.   You can find us on: Facebook = See You Next Tuesday Instagram = synexttuesday Twitter = @you_tuesday Patreon = See […]

It’s time to get charmed and befuddled as Brendan and Jason talk about the Hugh Grant film that started it all – Four Weddings and a Funeral. They discuss the director and writer always being at odds, Andie MacDowell’s acting with regards to the final scene, Kristin Scott Thomas’ underrated performance, the little wedding details […]

Hello, step-children!! We are Bill and Raptor, and our show is called “Inside You with Bill and The Raptor”. No, it’s probably NOT your moms favorite podcast, but it could be, if mom is potty mouthed, like us. We are just dropping in to give everyone some locations as to where they can find our […]

A step by step guide to getting a little kinkier in your relationships. It all starts with communication. Everyone has a freak flag; it’s okay to let yours fly. Relationship and kink expert Stella Harris gives some stellar advice on opening up and enjoying sex without all the anxiety. If you don’t ask, the answer […]

After it’s all said and done, we’re  not impressed by Nintendo’s showcasing of “new” titles for its latest handheld/console hybrid. The biggest titles were mainly pure nostalgia, with a remake of “Link’s Awakening”, Final Fantasy ports, and probably a Star Fox title or something. Needless to say, there was much left to be desired from what […]

Unrehearsed, Unscripted, And Unapologetic! Two Novice Comic Book Fans Give YOU Their Expert Analysis And Insight On Comics And Pop Culture!   If You Guys Are Interested In Digging In To Our Library Then Check Out Our Website At   You Can Also Find Us Here: On Itunes On Spotify On Google […]

February rolls on… The guys have a real variety of an episode this week with discussions ranging from the new “Shaft” sequel (?), Nathan’s intense hatred of Michael Cera, bitterness in the world of old-school wrestling promoters, annoying horror movie ending tropes that bother both of them to a great extent and of course – […]

Closely following the last episode (which means I can’t really remember what happened), Mark sticks around to talk accents and impressions, as well as alcohol, I think. I’m sure there was something else… Oh yeah, video games. As always…

 This week, Brendan and Jason discuss Ken Loach’s “bleaklifting” coming-of-age film – “Kes.” The guys discuss whether this is either the most depressing or uplifting film of all-time, talk at length about the wild gym class scene, talk about the “down-and-dirty” nature of most of the characters and much more. Plus: The guys roll […]

Hey there! Check out our first episode on Coming Right Up at 2:30 EST / 1:30 CST.  It’s the show where improvisers  Doug and Schramm debate random topics that are given to them on the spot. Each week they have a judge keeping the peace, asking questions and deciding the winner! This episode has Judge […]