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It’s about damn time as Nathan & Brendan finally enter the Michael Bay-niverse to talk about the sequel to arguably one of his better earlier works – Bad Boys II. This one, however, is anything but the original. Explosions? Check. Will Smith saying the N-word over and over again? Check. Joey Pants attempting to overact […]

Nathan & Brendan dived head-first right into a Disney nightmare wrapped in a romantic sub-plot wrapped in a goofy comedy wrapped in an action epic. That’s right, they watched “The Lone Ranger” and boy oh boy, did they ever have some things to get off their chests! The guys talk about everything from one of […]

Nathan & Brendan get all patriotic with this very special episode as they unpack the bizarre horror/comedy straight-to-video gem, “Uncle Sam.” Many topics are covered including the bizarre magic that surrounds Sam’s resurrection from the dead, the script that basically reads as a run-through and the overall insanity of the last 25 minutes of the […]

Nathan and Brendan go back to the “movie might be insane but it’s fun to watch” choices after last week’s horrific film as they tackle the 2010 remake of one of George A. Romero’s classic (?) films, “The Crazies.” They discuss how Timothy Olyphant would have been a strange choice for this role based on […]

Nathan and Brendan (and special guest Mariah) dissect one of the most ineptly-made films of all time. Seemingly a film that’s made entirely from a pro-gay marriage point of view created by homosexual filmmakers somehow manages to be offensive towards gay people. The gang talk about everything from deep discoveries involving scenes that may actually […]

Imagine if Gerard Butler were cast as The Punisher but was sent a script for an unmade Saw movie and in the meantime the studio lost the rights to The Punisher and the studio just decided to the make the movie anyway. That’s not what happened with Law Abiding Citizen, but we like to think […]

Now here’s a movie that delivers on what it promises. This movie starts out absolutely bananas and never lets up and if you’ve seen it, you’re better for it. This movie must be seen to be believed but if you can’t watch it, just sit back and listen while your big top ringmasters Nathan and […]

The director of Die Hard took a hard slide and remade a cult classic. The original was about the proliferation of violence in sports and media in general. The re-make was about 90 minutes that we’re never getting back. It’s a movie where we’re supposed to believe that ‘dead behind the eyes’ Chris “channeling my […]

Introducing the movie that nearly broke us. It’s a movie where one of the most respected Marvel characters, known for his sly wit, military know-how and serious demeanour is portrayed as a one-liner spewing, guns blasting, pervy two dimensional caricature. It’s a movie so ridiculous that it made us pine for the time we watched […]

This movie is an example of how something can look so great on paper but ends up being SO bad when put onto film. A prime example of what can happen when a fantastic director is undone by studio meddling. But, hey at least you get naked Dave Foley and Rose Mc-Meow-an. Nathan and Brendan […]