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Closely following the last episode (which means I can’t really remember what happened), Mark sticks around to talk accents and impressions, as well as alcohol, I think. I’m sure there was something else… Oh yeah, video games. As always…

 This week, Brendan and Jason discuss Ken Loach’s “bleaklifting” coming-of-age film – “Kes.” The guys discuss whether this is either the most depressing or uplifting film of all-time, talk at length about the wild gym class scene, talk about the “down-and-dirty” nature of most of the characters and much more. Plus: The guys roll […]

The Impossible has happened. Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale FPS, is something that Kelly, David, and Tony can all get behind. In other words, we enjoy it! In addition, Microsoft is bring XBOX Live to Nintendo consoles? Also, the results are in on the Anthem Beta, and Resident Evil 2. They’re great! Be sure […]

This week I’m talking a brand new league, the AAF or the American Football Alliance. So that begs the question, does this bode well for the NFL? Don’t worry I’ll be ironing out all the details for you on this episode of All Good Points!

We are back with another amazing guest.  This week, Sid Eudy, aka Sycho Sid, aka Sid Vicious, aka Sid Justice, joins us on the podcast. Sid has been an iconic face in the world of wrestling for decades, where he earned world titles in both the WWE and WCW.  We discussed Sid’s commitment to charity, […]

We think this one broke Brendan, folks. Mariah joins the guys to talk about the movie she bestowed upon them – “Madea’s Family Reunion.” They talk all about the second film in the TPCU (Tyler Perry Cinematic Universe) while covering everything from the film’s sudden, jarring shifts in tone, Uncle Joe being very inappropriate at […]

 Brendan and Jason talk about one of, if not the, most disturbing films of all time with Stanley Kubrick’s societal critique known as “A Clockwork Orange.” They talk about everything from the ultra-violence, the various instances of phallic symbology, some of the over-the-top satire, the use of music, Kubrick referencing some of his own […]

Tonight on a very special What Were They Thinking… It gets a little serious this week as a seemingly normal jokey conversation turns to a pretty in-depth discussion on political correctness and people being offended by stuff (don’t worry, it’s not a conversation just making fun of ‘snowflakes’ or whatever the new culture wants to […]

This Episode we check on our dehydrated Amigo, Discuss sports and more random facts of the super bowl. We bring up Home work for next week Thankskilling and discuss possible colab with another podcast. Make sure to check us out at This episode is brought to you by: Use Amigos10 for 10% off […]

It’s already time to go all the way to the bottom of the list with #100 – The Killing Fields. Brendan and Jason talk all about the fascinating story behind casting non-actor Haing S. Ngor in a supporting role, they debate if the movie is “too Americanized,” early roles for John Malkovich and Craig T. […]