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It’s time to class up the joint! Brendan and Jason cover the first of two Bond flicks on the list – 1964’s Goldfinger! Along with a full discussion of the actual movie which extensively dives into the sexual politics of James Bond himself, the guys also discuss the incredible life of Sir Ian Fleming, Gert Frobe’s […]

 It’s the ultimate battle! Nathan and Brendan welcome Brent back once again as they take a break from random movie talk to discuss who would win a bunch of hypothetical nerdy movie battles. From Han Solo’s bones to a surprising prediction from Nathan in a Gamera battle, this episode has it all! Nathan and […]

 Ah, yes – it had to happen sooner or later. Brendan and Jason dive into Laurence Olivier’s Shakespearean epic – 1944’s Henry V. They talk about its reputation as the first successful Shakespeare film adaptation, discuss its use as wartime propaganda, marvel at the cinematography and the way in which the film is “staged” (almost […]

Yippie kai-yay, mothe– hey, not so fast this week’s film! Nathan, Brendan and returning guest Brent (of the Home Video Hustle) gather round to talk about the fourth installment in the John McClane saga – “Live Free or Die Hard.” Many things get discussed and some of them are about the movie! Topics range from […]

Dedicated to making you laugh and think with weird, random content. This week on the CRF Podcast, host Ayzha decides to have a good, old-fashioned venting session by writing letters to people who have seriously pissed her off. You can have a good laugh listening to the stupid things people have done. You can take this opportunity […]

The boys are joined by Olivia, Podcast Community Manager, to talk about Disney, film reboots and the garage shower that’s apparently always been there… Also, Liv would like to move onto a game now.   You can find us on: Facebook = See You Next Tuesday Instagram = synexttuesday Twitter = @you_tuesday Patreon = See […]

It’s time to get charmed and befuddled as Brendan and Jason talk about the Hugh Grant film that started it all – Four Weddings and a Funeral. They discuss the director and writer always being at odds, Andie MacDowell’s acting with regards to the final scene, Kristin Scott Thomas’ underrated performance, the little wedding details […]

Episode Summary: You better believe we are talking about Robert Kraft’s trouble with the law. Man just can’t stay away. Also talking NCAA Basketball as we inch closer to March. Zion Williams shoe exploded, was that our fault? What does the B1G race look like and who do we think will win. NFL free agent […]

Hello, step-children!! We are Bill and Raptor, and our show is called “Inside You with Bill and The Raptor”. No, it’s probably NOT your moms favorite podcast, but it could be, if mom is potty mouthed, like us. We are just dropping in to give everyone some locations as to where they can find our […]

A step by step guide to getting a little kinkier in your relationships. It all starts with communication. Everyone has a freak flag; it’s okay to let yours fly. Relationship and kink expert Stella Harris gives some stellar advice on opening up and enjoying sex without all the anxiety. If you don’t ask, the answer […]