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“More like A Sound of Blunder, amirite?” – Nathan Yes, the third item on tap for Listeners Choice was the time-traveling epic, “A Sound of Thunder” as requested by Jarrett of the Sci Fi Double Feature Drive In Podcast ( Thankfully, noted Ray Bradbury fan and star of “The Room,” Robyn Paris, was able to […]

F— Muck! This week, Paul of The Countdown Movie & TV Reviews Podcast ( has bestowed upon us the cinematic abortion known as “Muck.” Nathan and Brendan have found the nadir of the world of cinema. Would this movie be so terrible that it would surpass previous champions like “Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and […]

Did… this movie… not suck? Nathan and Brendan tackle the first Listeners Choice film of 2018 (from Robert Hooper) in the form of “The Cherokee Kid.” This film may have turned out to be one of the better ones that the guys have ever unpacked… and unbelievably this happened with a 22-year old film starring […]

This podcast just got a whole lot sexier! Nathan and Brendan welcome returning guests Steve & Izzy from the “Everything I Learned from Movies” podcast to talk about Paul Verhoeven’s insane expos√© of Las Vegas in the classic film, “Showgirls.” They discuss everything including Elizabeth Berkley’s breathtakingly awful acting choices coupled with her character’s severe […]

After last month’s wrestling excursion, it would normally be time to go back to regular ol’ movies but one can hardly classify this thing as regular. Nathan and Brendan talk all about this martial arts disasterpiece that also served as the American film debut of Jean-Claude Van Damme. They discuss Van Damme’s “Russian” accent, the […]

The March to Wrestlemania continues as Nathan and Brendan dissect one of the absolute worst atrocities ever committed – Wrestlemania IX. The guys discuss the much-loathed pay per view and everything about it from the choice of venue, the worst collection of finishes at any PPV ever, the false hope during the first two matches, […]

As we round the bend to Wrestlemania, Nathan and Brendan start off wrasslin’-themed month correctly with the trashy “Backyard Dogs!” Nathan and Brendan welcome returning guest Ryan Gilbert to talk all about this ode to trashbag wrestling. They cover everything including one of the most dead-eye actors they’ve ever encountered, one of the most disgusting […]

Now it’s time for Brendan’s significant other to pick the film and indeed she chose the 1995 family classic, “The Water Horse.” Wait… I mean, “Magic in the Water.” Along with the chooser of the movie herself, Mariah Lirette, the guys talk about everything in this crazier-than-expected movie including the worst father character of all […]

In their latest episode, Nathan and Brendan present “My Bloody Valentine” in 3D!* The guys talk about everything in this crazy nutso-pants movie from one of the most ridiculous endings in movie history, the screenwriter writing himself into a sex scene, the most gratuitous nudity ever, dramatic entrances, 37-year old teenagers and much, much more! […]

It’s quite possibly the most cuckoo bananas movie that Nathan and Brendan have ever covered so luckily they had some help along the way in the form of Kaleigh Stultz as well as Steve & Izzy from the great podcast “Everything I Learned from Movies.” The five (!) of them talk about all sorts of […]