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The first new episode of 2018 sees Nathan and Brendan bring on resident turtles expert Dame Malcolm Wallace to talk about the racially sensitive “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.” The boys have a lot to talk about including the wild inconsistencies regarding the space-time continuum, turtle genitalia, Elias Koteas inexplicably playing two unrelated roles, villains […]

NOTE: There is a slight hiccup early in the episode where it seems to echo the audio for about 30 seconds. Apologies for that but the rest of the episode is fairly smooth. GARBAGE DAY! It’s the very first time Nathan & Brendan have recapped a film and its sequel as they head back to […]

In the first of two Christmas-themed flicks this month, Nathan and Brendan attempt to… well… survive “Surviving Christmas.” They go into a lot of background on the film like how it was a colossal box office failure when it opened in October (?), Ben Affleck’s character being a total psychopath, the movie being comprised of […]

Nathan and Brendan welcome back frequent guest and comic book aficionado Joshua Kotsabasakis for an occasionally super nerdy chat regarding the 1997 Image Comics “masterpiece” – Spawn. The gang discusses everything from Spawn not being a good person even at the beginning of the film, stealthy rocket assassinations, some of the worst special effects ever […]

It’s the return of your favourite slab of turtle meat as Nathan and Brendan talk all things Gamera with his latest foe in “Gamera vs. Gyaos.” This is another entry in the insane legacy of Gamera so you know there is tons to talk about including (but not limited to) some of the accent choices […]

This time out, Nathan and Brendan are joined by returning guest Mariah Lirette as they discuss the overhyped cinematic dumpster known as “The Human Centipede.” The three of them discuss many different topics including Dieter Laser describing himself as a method actor, Nathan rants on the idea of millennials, how every character is stupid and […]

Nathan and Brendan are guest-less this week but still have plenty to say about the 1992 film “Mikey” about a very young serial killer. They’ll talk about how every adult in this film definitely deserved their fate, the film’s wildly inaccurate portrayal of the adoption process, the most awkward child actor of all time (not […]

As a result of a Twitter poll, Nathan and Brendan (along with special guest Steve from Everything I Learned From Movies) tackle the Guy Ritchie take on medieval sword-and-sorcery, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” They talk about everything from the elephant in the room (as in giant elephants), Jude Law underplaying his part to […]

Nathan welcomes his brother Gary on as a guest and along with Brendan, the three of them discuss the borderline-community theatre production otherwise known as the low-budget schlockfest, “The Demons of Ludlow.” As the gang attempt to regain their sanity, they talk about everything including the director seemingly not even using lights, Sybil the drunken […]

As the boys wrap up the Summer Flopbuster/Lackluster season, they take on another Michael Bay film in the form of the ungodly long 180-minute wankfest – Pearl Harbor. Nathan, Brendan and special guest Jason MacLeod talk about everything from the movie taking nearly 90 minutes to get to the actual attack, the return of WWTT […]