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This week, Brendan and Jason encounter a much-needed change of pace from the first three intense dramatic films with The Full Monty! Is the film merely a “fun comedy” or is there much more beneath the surface that people (including the hosts) didn’t pick up on the first time around? They also discuss the film’s […]

Starting off 2019 with a whimper! Nathan and Brendan welcome their next Patreon Pick from Luc Shannon of GameItAll with one of the worst things ever put to celluloid – 2008’s Postal. Yes, friend of the podcast Uwe Boll is back on the chopping block with tasteless shock material that barely registers as comedy, horrible […]

He’s just trying to spread a little yuletide fear! Nathan, Brendan and Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned from Movies ( talk about the Christmas slasher starring Bill Godlberg as a psycho killer (qu’est que c’est?) – Santa’s Slay. With everything from a 74-minute runtime to unlikeable children, cameos from “huge stars” (including one […]

This week, Brendan and Jason crash their biplane into 1996’s The English Patient (#55 on the BFI Top 100) – a movie where pretty things happen and pretty people act their hearts out while looking pretty. This movie won a buttload of Academy Awards so it’s got that going for it. Moreover, at three hours […]

In this week’s episode, Brendan and Jason explore the heroics of British colonialism in the 1964 epic Zulu starring Stanley Baker and a very young Michael Caine. The guys debate if the film is racist or surprisingly progressive (considering the historical scenario), they are blown away by the amazing cinematography and sound design, Jason wonders […]

So… why didn’t they just call this “Skipping Christmas?” Nathan, Brendan and returning guest Mariah come together to discuss a real lump of coal in the form of Christmas with the Kranks, which of course is based on a JOHN GRISHAM novel. Many things are discussed including the neighbourhood of psychopaths, the sexual innuendo, Squiggy’s […]

It’s the debut of “For Screen and Country” – the podcast that delves into the British Film Institute’s list of the Top 100 British Films of All-Time. In the very first episode, Brendan and Jason tackle the British film about the Russian Revolution – David Lean’s epic romance Doctor Zhivago. They discuss how Lean was […]

Parkour is a state of mind, bro… Our resident extreme sports expert Jerika Layne returns as a guest to the show to join Nathan and Brendan in discussing the 2015 parkour-themed action film – “Tracers.” They cover various topics including Taylor Lautner’s overwhelming creepy intensity throughout the film, one of the parkour “kids” being super […]

Your favourite slab of turtle meat is back… and this time, it’s personal. Fly away with Nathan and Brendan on Air Gamera as per the November tradition on this here program. In this film and follow up to Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, the big guy takes on Legion, which are a bunch of weird […]

Puff… puff… wait, what do we usually type here? Nathan, Brendan and special returning guest Brent of the “Home Video Hustle” podcast ( talk about the Full Moon Features magnum opus “Evil Bong.” The trio talk about everything from the horribly over-written script, the snowglobe strip clubs, the multitude of “shared universe” cameos and much […]