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March to Wrestlemania concludes by… invading your house! Unfortunately, Nathan could not be present for most of this episode but Brendan and Ryan are here talk all about In Your House IV with an additional guest or two popping in every so often. The guys talk about marines assaulting Shawn Michaels, some very bizarre booking choices, […]

 NUNS! Yes, folks, Brendan and Jason tackle their first Michael Powell/Emeric Pressburger joint – 1947’s Black Narcissus. The guys go deep into how this film influenced Martin Scorsese, the way in which the film utilizes its cinematography and matte paintings and of course… some of the more problematic elements are discussed. Plus: The guys […]

Hey there, step-children! We very much apologize, but we have to bow out this week. Bill’s gone and hurt himself. (What an asshole, right?) In the meantime, we present to you an older episode, but still a very solid show, that we did round about August of 2018. It’s funny, we promise! This episode is […]

Episode 94: Dragon Prince Season 2 Produced by Relevant to Our Interests Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw Scripting by: Frank Shaw Edited by: Frank Shaw Graphic Design by: Nathan Newell and Frank Shaw Intro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw Outro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw Frank and John talk about the […]

March to Wrestlemania begins! Nathan, Brendan and returning guest Ryan Gilbert talk all about the bizarre straight-to-video horror/”comedy” known as Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies. In this flick, Nathan gets to talk all about his absolute favourite wrestler, the guys discuss the nonsensical “zombie logic” throughout, Kurt Angle’s pointless cameo and MUCH more. Also: listen in for a […]

It’s time to class up the joint! Brendan and Jason cover the first of two Bond flicks on the list – 1964’s Goldfinger! Along with a full discussion of the actual movie which extensively dives into the sexual politics of James Bond himself, the guys also discuss the incredible life of Sir Ian Fleming, Gert Frobe’s […]

 It’s the ultimate battle! Nathan and Brendan welcome Brent back once again as they take a break from random movie talk to discuss who would win a bunch of hypothetical nerdy movie battles. From Han Solo’s bones to a surprising prediction from Nathan in a Gamera battle, this episode has it all! Nathan and […]

 Ah, yes – it had to happen sooner or later. Brendan and Jason dive into Laurence Olivier’s Shakespearean epic – 1944’s Henry V. They talk about its reputation as the first successful Shakespeare film adaptation, discuss its use as wartime propaganda, marvel at the cinematography and the way in which the film is “staged” (almost […]

Yippie kai-yay, mothe– hey, not so fast this week’s film! Nathan, Brendan and returning guest Brent (of the Home Video Hustle) gather round to talk about the fourth installment in the John McClane saga – “Live Free or Die Hard.” Many things get discussed and some of them are about the movie! Topics range from […]

Dedicated to making you laugh and think with weird, random content. This week on the CRF Podcast, host Ayzha decides to have a good, old-fashioned venting session by writing letters to people who have seriously pissed her off. You can have a good laugh listening to the stupid things people have done. You can take this opportunity […]