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Hey there, step-children! We very much apologize, but we have to bow out this week. Bill’s gone and hurt himself. (What an asshole, right?) In the meantime, we present to you an older episode, but still a very solid show, that we did round about August of 2018. It’s funny, we promise! This episode is […]

Episode 92: A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 3 Produced by: Relevant to Our Interests Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw Scripting by: Frank Shaw and John Belliston Edited by: Frank Shaw Graphic Design by: Nathan Newell and Frank Shaw Intro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw Outro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw […]

The boys are joined by Olivia, Podcast Community Manager, to talk about Disney, film reboots and the garage shower that’s apparently always been there… Also, Liv would like to move onto a game now.   You can find us on: Facebook = See You Next Tuesday Instagram = synexttuesday Twitter = @you_tuesday Patreon = See […]

Andy sits down with Al Young, Senior Brand Ambassador to Four Roses Bourbon. Al was inducted into the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame in 2015 and is also a member of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame. He is a wealth of knowledge about not just Four Roses, but bourbon in general. […]

Hello, step-children!! We are Bill and Raptor, and our show is called “Inside You with Bill and The Raptor”. No, it’s probably NOT your moms favorite podcast, but it could be, if mom is potty mouthed, like us. We are just dropping in to give everyone some locations as to where they can find our […]

This Episode we check on our dehydrated Amigo, Discuss sports and more random facts of the super bowl. We bring up Home work for next week Thankskilling and discuss possible colab with another podcast. Make sure to check us out at This episode is brought to you by: Use Amigos10 for 10% off […]

Two and a half amigos here, This weeks episode we discuss Technology with our guest Bryan Beata from We discuss bathroom tech, and big Tv’s.   The super bowl odd facts come up and try to keep the attention of one Amigo.   Check the episode out here:

The King’s Men always covers Christian Leadership, the latest news and political topics affecting the Christian Church focusing on real-world solutions to leadership problems. Encouraging elders and clergy everywhere to be better leaders in their local congregation. We share ideas from our local congregation on apologetics, evangelism and the four divinely given male characteristics: 1. […]