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 DONGS-OUT FILMMAKING! Brendan and Jason discuss the existential crises of 1969’s Women in Love directed by the infamous and controversial Ken Russell and starring the likes of Oliver Reed and Alan Bates. The guys go deep on this very divisive film and discuss the shocking “wrestling” scene, they discuss how this film isn’t really “about” […]

After it’s all said and done, we’re  not impressed by Nintendo’s showcasing of “new” titles for its latest handheld/console hybrid. The biggest titles were mainly pure nostalgia, with a remake of “Link’s Awakening”, Final Fantasy ports, and probably a Star Fox title or something. Needless to say, there was much left to be desired from what […]

The Impossible has happened. Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale FPS, is something that Kelly, David, and Tony can all get behind. In other words, we enjoy it! In addition, Microsoft is bring XBOX Live to Nintendo consoles? Also, the results are in on the Anthem Beta, and Resident Evil 2. They’re great! Be sure […]

We are back with another amazing guest.  This week, Sid Eudy, aka Sycho Sid, aka Sid Vicious, aka Sid Justice, joins us on the podcast. Sid has been an iconic face in the world of wrestling for decades, where he earned world titles in both the WWE and WCW.  We discussed Sid’s commitment to charity, […]