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Notes Frank and John tackle the Dark Crystal. Frank gives a quick run down of the plot. John and Frank then discuss the films characterizations and some of the plotting. They then discuss some of the conventions that appear in the film that are dated. They also discuss some of the limitations of the film.  […]

Notes: After an unintended hiatus the we’re back! Frank gives an intro and a shout out to new followers on PodBean in a short intro. Then he gives a shout out to Blake and Brian from the Not Religious Podcast to start things off. Frank then talks gives a review of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, a comic […]

notes The Boys Season One is the topic of this episode. We’re joined by Chris Thames of Christopher Case Photography as we discuss the plot of the series. Frank does some comparison with the comics as they go, and points out some of the many, many differences. They then talk about the themes: The idea […]

notes 3Below season 2 is tackled this episode. After going through the major plot points Frank and John dive into the themes and discuss how this series takes on the theme of sacrifice from the perspective of accepting others sacrifice. Then we get personal when we discuss about accepting your parents as mortal. Finally we […]

notes John tears into the third season of Stranger Things, we touch on the plot points and the good and bad factors of each. Then we discuss themes, including the ordeal of change, the fear of the other and bullying. John goes over the problems he has with the characters of Hopper and Billy. Then […]

notes Transformers Prime is wrapped up this episode when we discuss Transformers Prime Predacons Rising. We go over the plot. Talk about character arcs for Megatron and Optimus Prime, we touch on the thematic ideas of the film. And then go over the concept of losing the suspension of disbelief. We also talk about the […]

notes Transformers Prime Season 3! We discuss the final episode of this animated series. We talk about the major plot points of the season: The regrouping of the autobots, the return of Ultra Magnus and Shockwave, and the creation of Predaking.  In addition, we talk about the pursuit of Predacon bones run away technology, the […]

A different side of John Candy… Nathan and Brendan go back to the 80s with this kinda-obscure oddball comedy featuring a very mean-spirited John Candy and hapless Eugene Levy as bumbling security guards. The guys discuss everything including all the original plans involving Harold Ramis and John Belushi, “killer dogs”, the Michael Bay levels of […]

For the month of July (and first week of August), Brendan and Jason explore movies that are somehow connected to the ones they’ve previously covered on the BFI Top 100. And now… for something completely similar… This week, Brendan and Jason round up the discussion with a pretty obscure one. After the success of 1959’s Room […]

112 Transformers Prime Two notes: Transformers Prime Season Two: We dive right into the second season of Transformers Prime. We start off with the major plot points (as well as minor ones) including Optimus Prime losing his memory with the spark of leadership, and the decoding of the Iacon Archive and the pursuit of the […]