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For Screen and Country – Doctor Zhivago (2002)

Written by on July 15, 2019

For the month of July, Brendan and Jason explore movies that are somehow connected to the ones they’ve previously covered on the BFI Top 100. And now… for something completely similar…

For this week, Brendan and Jason welcome their first official guests on the show in the form of Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned from Movies ( to talk about the 2002 miniseries adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s novel Doctor Zhivago. The two adaptations are compared and contrasted by way of one of these adaptations retaining a LOT more content from the book, characters being completely written out, the ridiculous use of real footage, the horrible slow-motion and the performances of the actors themselves including a very young Keira Knightley.

Next week: Brendan and Jason continue this July mini-series with the 1979 prequel to Zulu (#31 on the BFI Top 100) known as Zulu Dawn.


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