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Written by on July 19, 2019


Spider-Man: Far From Home! To start with we discuss “Life to the Fullest: A Benefit Concert for Annie Burdzy” that is taking place on July 20th at Ogden Highschool in Ogden Utah. We encourage everyone who can to check it out.  Annie’s an amazing person and could use your support. Read about Annie here! And check out the auction and website here!

Then it’s on to Spider-man: Far From Home. It’s plot points first: Frank goes over the plot points: we touch on how the movie treats those affected by the “blip”. The treatment of Mysterio, and where all the other heroes might be, and our thoughts on MJ in this Spider-Man continuity. We also discuss our thoughts about the mid and post credit scenes. 

We then go into themes: The most obvious one being of course “With great power comes great responsibility.” Most exemplified by the EDITH glasses Peter is given early in the film. There’s also the idea that you don’t have to become those that preceded you. And my favorite, don’t mistreat your employees.

Finally it’s observations and theories. John talks about how this film book ends quite nicely with the original Iron Man film. Frank talks about what he hopes is coming down the road for the next Spider-Man film. Then we give our final thoughts. 


“But I think this version of MJ, is a better version than any other MJ.” -John  


[John and Frank return to Calculator City to find out it’s been destroyed by all the fighting monsters kangaroos and angels and demons. John endeavors to find Chuck Spiodermen CPA but soon discovers that the destruction is an illusion created by Frank to get him to move on from the city.]


Episode 110: Spider-Man Far From Home
Produced by: Relevant to Our Interests 
Hosts: John R. Belliston and Frank Shaw 
Scripting by: Frank Shaw 
Edited by: Frank Shaw 
Graphic Design by: Nathan Newell and Frank Shaw 
Intro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw 
Outro Music: Morning Activities by F.G. Shaw

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